About us

The world has become a global village with the spawn of the technological era and in the wake of staying up to date, Orbital Affairs, an initiative of three friends, is here to fulfill this imperative need in the prevailing times. Our major goal is to enlighten the path of information in almost every orbit. The objective of Orbital affairs is not only limited to inform, educate and entertain, but to provide an independent digital platform to the writers in every corner of the world to have an unbiased say. Currently, we are primarily focusing on the content regarding international affairs, entertainment, technology, sports, business, health and are further planning to keep every happening in the world on the back of our hands. With a vibrant start from news and opinions, we are rendering utmost efforts to train the beginners in the field of writing by offering an online internship program nationally and internationally. By teaching the art of producing quality content, we hope to extend our services to convert this digital platform into a physical one and ensure that our readers are fully satisfied and set out with positive vibes after visiting our website.          


The submission guidelines for Orbital Affairs are stated in bullets as under:

  1. The news article should be 550 or more words but not less than that.
  2. An opinion piece should consist of 750-850 words. 
  3. The writer should send his/her brief introduction along with the article/opinion
  4. There should be at least two suggested titles for the sent article/opinion
  5. The title could be amended by the editor if needed.
  6. The byline or introduction of the author is mandatory in the email
  7. The subject line of the email sent to Orbital Affairs should be the suggested title of the article.
  8. Please submit the article to writers@orbitalaffairs.com when it’s ready to be sent.