Internship Drive

Our orbital affairs website is aiming to provide event reports on the national as well as international level. As keeping in view thousands of hard-working, dedicated and talented youngsters around in this country, we being the progressing representing team are planning to train and hire emerging people. 

For this purpose, we offer various categories like article writing and editing, online marketing, HR affairs, distribution logistics, and graphic designing. The trainees will be unpaid for the time being, but after their completion of guidance and skill-building, they will be properly hired and paid for the duration of their link to the website. 

Initially, our major concepts include social media videography, a monthly magazine, and an online news site. 

Orbital affairs are providing training in the following aspects. 

  1. Content writers who would write on significant daily based issues and reports. 
  2. Video documenters would construct story videos on day-to-day news. 
  3. Editors and publishers would go through and edit articles and publish through the website dashboard along with SEO necessities. 
  4. Research associates would search for online data and allot it to the website writers team. They would examine the researched data to make it efficacious. 
  5. Accounting associates would keep in view the financial statement of the website and they will assist their accounting coaches. 
  6. Online marketers would keep and increase the number of visitors through social media platforms and peruse in SEO. 
  7. Graphic design associates would increase creativity level by assisting the design team and would be taught Adobe Photoshop and InDesign. 
  8. General associates would ride around in general with the website team in daily matters. 

Following the application is required to be filled and selected ones would be called for a visual interview and then would be commenced for the training.