Nvidia’s First Trading Day Post Stock Split Sees Gains and Price Target Increases

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The Impact of Nvidia’s Stock Split on Share Price and Analyst Predictions

On the first day of split-adjusted trading after Nvidia’s 10-for-1 stock split, the chipmaker’s shares finished slightly higher, closing at $121.79. This move led to several analysts raising their price targets for the stock, signaling confidence in Nvidia’s future growth potential.

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Analyst Predictions and Price Targets

Barclays analysts updated their price target for Nvidia to $145 post-split, up from a split-adjusted $120 or $1200 before the split. They believe that Nvidia could experience incremental growth in artificial intelligence (AI) product revenue and benefit from sovereign AI initiatives. Susquehanna and TD Cowen analysts also raised their price objectives for Nvidia stock, citing confidence in the company’s strengths.

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With the split-adjusted stock price, ownership of Nvidia shares becomes more accessible to a wider range of investors. Morgan Stanley analysts pointed out that Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) shares now trade at a higher price point than Nvidia, potentially leading to increased demand for Nvidia stock. This increased demand could drive the stock price even higher, especially with growing interest in AI technologies.

Implications for Investors

For investors, the stock split could present an opportunity to enter or expand their positions in Nvidia at a more affordable price per share. The lower price point may attract new investors who were previously deterred by the higher cost of a single share.

Additionally, the positive outlook from analysts regarding Nvidia’s future growth prospects could further bolster investor confidence in the company. As Nvidia continues to innovate in the AI space and capitalize on emerging technologies, its stock price may see continued upward momentum.

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Comparing Nvidia and AMD

The comparison between Nvidia and AMD is particularly interesting in light of the stock split. With AMD shares trading at a higher price point than Nvidia, some analysts believe that Nvidia may have an edge in terms of potential AI forecasts and market performance.

Investors looking to capitalize on the growth potential of AI technologies may find Nvidia to be a more attractive investment option compared to AMD. The lower price per share post-split could make Nvidia a more appealing choice for those seeking exposure to the AI sector.


The stock split has had a positive impact on Nvidia’s share price, with analysts raising their price targets and expressing confidence in the company’s future growth prospects. The accessibility of split-adjusted shares may attract a broader base of investors, potentially driving demand for Nvidia stock higher.

As Nvidia continues to lead in the AI space and explore new opportunities for growth, investors may find the company to be a compelling investment option. The stock split serves as a strategic move by Nvidia to make its shares more accessible and appealing to a wider audience of investors.

Overall, the outlook for Nvidia post-stock split appears promising, with analysts and investors alike expressing optimism about the company’s future performance and potential for continued growth.

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